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Please STOP looking in this Website for how to book a stay in our cottages. They no longer exist.

 On 20th February 2016; Cyclone Winston's fury caused sheer devastation and destruction as it raged throughout Fiji. Many homes and families' lives were changed that day and most, if not all of them were left with nothing.   Unfortunately, my family happened to be one of them.
  The eye of Cyclone Winston was in the direct path of Nananu-I-Ra Island just off the coast of Raki Raki which was hit front on and experienced the wrath and horrid destruction it caused as it ripped out an entire jetty, uprooted large trees, tore roofs off houses, destroyed family homes and left the residents fearing for their lives and praying they would see the dawn of a new day.
   On the beautiful Nananu-I-Ra Island, at Charlies Place, were my grandmother Louise Anthony, Aunty Moira, Uncle Allan and cousins Cynthia & Michael who had to live through the nightmare that mother nature had unleashed.
  As many of you know; Charlie's Place was built by my grandfather, the late Charlie Anthony, who passed away last year and both he and my grandmother dedicated their lives to bringing so much joy and happiness to those that visited the island. Many great memories were created under the famous mango tree (now gone) and the warmth and hospitality brought upon tourists, family and friends by my grandparents, Aunty Moira and family there have been second to none.
   It is sad to see a place that my grandparents worked tirelessly for be brought down in a matter of moments by one cyclone. The family home has been completely destroyed leaving them with absolutely nothing, other than to crowd into the generator shed, the only shelter left standing.
  Much love, Kaleb and family


    [I am a neighbor on Nananu-I-Ra Island. I know that the Anthony family would enjoy hearing from former visitors.      Any suggestions or help to them would be greatly appreciated.                     Ed Morris]